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Google AdWords allows you to reach clients who are already interested in your products but do not know you yet. As they are extremely well received, search engines provide you with a unique opportunity to advertise your services. Nowadays, more than 15% of purchases are made online, and 48% of all online purchases are made following online research. Most people will only pay attention to hits showing up on the first page of results Google puts forward. We will make sure you show on the first results page of the world’s largest and most influential search engine. Your advert will be shown as soon as someone within your target group is looking for your services. Your business will be shown to potential clients on Google by means of targeted adverts linked to individual search request. We devise goal-driven AdWords campaigns to increase visibility of your business.

What is Keyword Advertising?

Keyword Advertising is a form of context-sensitive advertising on search engines. This way of advertising allows you to be one step ahead of your competitors. Owing to the popularity of search engines, you can make people aware of the products and services you offer even faster and more effectively. AdWords is Google’s keyword advertising scheme, allowing you to advertise your business the very moment potential clients are looking for your products or services on Google.

What are AdWords?

AdWords are shown in addition to organic search hits. Your adverts are tailored to the search habits of your future clients. AdWords ensures you are one step ahead of your competitors. These four-line adverts are shown on the right when entering a search term and are also placed above organic search results.

SMEs in particular benefit from targeted AdWords campaigns. For small business in particular, AdWords has increasingly become a suitable, modern alternative to business directories and the like, allowing potential new local clients to find them. AdWords provide considerable advantages to startups entering new markets, attracting new clients, promoting customer loyalty and creating brand awareness. Google AdWords adverts can also be shown on partner websites across Google’s extensive advertising network.

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We offer professional services on all aspects of Google AdWords: Personalised and knowledgeable consultation, conceptualisation, implementation and constant optimisation of your campaign. We take care of devising the right strategy, designing campaigns and keywords adapted to your products and services, regularly optimising your campaigns and providing reports including processed analysis data.

We analyse and optimise your success:

You will be in control of the success of your campaign at all times. Our regular assessments and reports allow you to understand the number of times your adverts have been shown and clicked at any time right away. These evaluations enable our team of experts to identify potential for optimisation. Your personal adviser will update you on a running basis on ways to improve your campaigns.


Thanks to the flexibility it offers, Google AdWords is your best choice for seasonal and temporary campaigns, advertising special offers and clearance sales. AdWords adverts can be booked and placed online on short notice. At the click of the mouse you can change the keywords and texts of your advertisements at any time, conveniently adapting it to your current needs.

Costs: Manageable and straightforward.

Our specialists will make the most out of your advertising budget. Anyone placing advertisement will need to know if their investment will be worth it. Placing conventional ads in conventional media outlets, understanding the effect campaigns have on new clients and business growth is difficult. Online campaigns, however, register each single contact with a client. That means wastage is a thing of the past as your ads will only be shown if the search matches the content of your ad. That is why more and more of our clients are convinced that advertising online is the best way to attract new clients.

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